Life Coaching

I am also a certified empowerment coach and I have helped many clients achieve their goals and to create lives they love.  Life Coaching is not psychotherapy so no insurance is accepted for this service and it is done by phone.  Life coaching focuses upon taking a client to the next level of success in their lives, whether it be at work, in a creative project or goal or in a relationship.  It is goal oriented and as a life coach I act as a guide to keep my client accountable for taking consistent action.  Life coaching is done with clients who are already functioning well in their lives.  If they are in too much distress, are diagnosable or not functioning well than they would be more appropriate candidates for psychotherapy.

Life coaching is usually done weekly by phone but sometimes I may agree to bi-weekly coaching if that person just needs a little support.

My coaching specialty is dating.  I often work with dating coaching clients around creating and implementing a dating action plan, to grow beyond social anxiety, to examine limiting beliefs, to address self-esteem issues and to be authentic and to examine their choices in mates.