Clients who are single often come in to psychotherapy to discuss fears, emotional patterns or mental blocks around dating that often hinders successful relationships.  The psychotherapist works on decreasing a client’s social anxiety, increasing confidence, taking dating action by utilizing a dating action plan, learning to choose healthy mates and increasing self-esteem, as well as many other issues and treatment methods.

Clients sometimes come in while in the midst of a long-term relationship, in order to ascertain if the relationship is healthy and how they can improve it.  A psychotherapist often examines the client’s feelings about the current relationship, past relationship history and relationship blueprint, the pros and cons of the current relationship, their communication style and what a client can do to improve it or whether it’s in their best interest to leave that relationship.  Leaving a relationship is, of course, is ultimately the client’s decision and the therapist acts as a sounding board and guide to help the client sort out the elements in the picture and to make their own decision.

Often, when there are marital issues only one partner is willing to address it and to try psychotherapy.  When in individual therapy the identified issue is marital problems, the therapist can help that individual sort out his or her feelings about their partner and the relationship.  Therapy can be instrumental in improving the client’s overall emotional health, developing balance and happiness in their lives and enhancing their ability to react reasonably to their partner’s issues.  It can ultimately help clients to make good choices about what to do next in that relationship.