HeadShotHELPI help clients remove obstacles to love–whether it’s loving yourself, your life, your career or others.  My specialty is romantic relationships. I work with creating healthy relationships across the lifespan from singles, couples and marital therapy.

I’ve worked with clients with a range of issues depression, anxiety, goal-setting, familial issues, losses, transition, career, self-esteem, confidence, diagnosis of an illness, divorce, friendship issues, body issues and weight loss and more.

In romantic relationships issues often include improving communication, social anxiety, trust, past relationship baggage, creating a dating action plan, healing from break-ups, unhealthy relationship patterns and learning about internal obstacles to love.

I’m a Licensed Psychologist with a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology.  I do Cognitive-Behavioral psychotherapy within a psychodynamic framework in my Manhattan office.

I am also a certified life coach and dating coach.  I do dating coaching and life coaching in person in my NYC office and internationally by phone or Skype.

How I Can Help

Live dating groups are facilitated in my Manhattan conference room and there are also dating teleseminars for people abroad.  I run a Dating School and Relationship Academy where singles can learn from each other in person and through e-courses.  As a regular Relationship Expert, I also answer readers relationship questions on JDate’s JMag, Eligible Magazine and Little Pink Book. You can also connect with my work on social media where I post and comment on relevant articles and issues.  See Twitter, FB, LinkedIn.

So, there are many ways to work with me, if you want a place to regularly examine where you feel stuck in achieving the life that you most want.  We can work together to see how you can create it from the inside out.

Email me for an appointment at DrPauletteSherman@gmail.com