Interview Questions on her book, Facebook Dating: From 1st Date to Soulmate:


  1. As a dating coach, you mention 35 advantages of Facebook Dating in your book. Can you mention a few of them?
  2. What are some of the biggest concerns your dating coaching clients have about Facebook Dating?
  3. How does Facebook Dating’s philosophy of, ‘consideration over impulse’ and ‘creating meaningful relationships jive with yours?
  4. Can you tell us a little about the features where daters can unlock Events, personal Facebook Profiles and Groups and how this is helpful?
  5. What safety features has Facebook Dating thought through?
  6. You talk a lot about Mindful dating in your book. What is this and what kind of mindfulness exercises do you offer readers?
  7. Your book takes daters on a journey through the many stages from dating to having a soulmate relationship. Do you offer tools and tips for each stage?  Can you discuss a stage as an example?
  8. Why do you think research has shown that online dating results in more marriages, as well as more lasting marriages?
  9. Facebook has a data science team that discovers things about you. Do you think this will impact their matching algorithm?
  10. How do you, as a psychologist and dating coach, help daters learn about themselves through the dating process- both in your book and your practice?
  11. Have you seen successes with people finding their soulmate, marrying and starting a family at all ages? Can you give us a general example or two?

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