Psychotherapy helps clients move beyond current obstacles to increase functioning and develop a greater sense of well-being and empowerment about their life and themselves.

It is predicated on a trusting working relationship so that the client feels safe to share feelings and to look at areas of vulnerability.

I liken this process to cleaning your closet.  You may open the closet door and find the recognition of a mess hiding there, overwhelming.  You see that this has been ignored and attempt to sort through piles to determine what you want to keep, discard or give away to more appropriate people.  You may have temporary disarray when beginning this process but in the end you will know where things are and will put them in their place and will feel much better for having addressed it.  There will also be more room for the things that you want and need in the present.  Having a guide is helpful for reflection, encouragement and pacing.

It also helps to be listened to in a non-judgmental safe place and to have ‘you time’ every week to really connect with yourself in this busy world.  You are the source of everything in your life so it’s important to understand yourself and why you make certain choices, what your unproductive patterns are and what would be in your best interest.  A good therapist can reflect these things back to you and point out possible blind spots.

If you’ve never tried therapy I encourage you to have 4-5 sessions to see how it could benefit you and improve your life and well-being.  If you have had therapy and know what you want in a therapist, I encourage you to meet with me at least for one session to see if there is a good match.

Looking forward to working together!