Clients often come to me because they do not feel confident and are often pressuring themselves and putting themselves down.  This has become an ingrained pattern, so automatic that they barely notice the self-talk anymore.  The therapist mirrors their self-talk back to them so it can be examined.  Often clients are perfectionists and they will do 8 things great but focus on the one thing that needs improvement.  They do not applaud their own successes or strengths and as a result, they feel constantly inadequate and unlovable.

This is one of the most important issues to deal with because we are with ourselves 24/7 and we are the source of all we create.

A therapist helps a client evaluate their relationship with themselves and their level of self love.  Then they work on making conscious internalized limiting beliefs and criticisms and challenge them.  They work on helping a client to re-parent himself or herself to internalize kinder self-talk, self-soothing and the ability to be good-enough.