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Relationship Archetypes Class

Using The Law of Attraction in Marriage & Relationships

Group Facilitation:

Group Facilitator & Group Coaching

Dr. Sherman offers Group Counseling on as as need basis.  She is a certified circle facilitator, as well as a therapist and a certified coach. She also facilitates several online support groups. See below. 

Dating Group – Dr. Sherman is running a dating group for women via zoom on Mondays from 7-8 pm EST. It provides support on a variety of dating topics, teaching helpful tools and exercises. It also allows women to share their own experiences so they feel less alone on the dating journey and can share takeaways. The cost is $40 per session. If interested please email via the form below.

Goals Group – Dr. Sherman will be running a goals coaching group via zoom. We will support each other in our goals and learn how to take action steps towards them with a variety of tools, including tapping, affirmations, vision boards, brainstorming, creative forms of planning, affirmations and more. If interested, reach out via the form below. It’s $40 per session.

Women’s Support Group – Dr. Sherman will be running a support  group for Women via zoom. If interested, please email her via the contact form. It will be an hour long and $40 per session. 

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