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Dr. Paulette ShermanDr. Sherman offers Individual and Couples Psychotherapy as well as  and Dating Coaching, Life Coaching, Grief Counseling, Group Facilitating and Hypnotherapy in NYC.  Dr. Sherman provides psychotherapy services for a variety of issues.  The duration of treatment varies from short-term/problem-focused psychotherapy to longer-term insight-oriented therapy, depending on treatment goals and needs.  As a New York psychotherapist, Dr. Sherman employs Cognitive-Behavioral techniques and am informed by a psychodynamic framework.

Dr. Sherman is a Relationship Expert and specializes in helping people in their Relationships across the life-span.  She often coaches clients through relationship transitions such as breakups, dating milestones, living together, engagement, marriage, affairs, divorce, fertility and parenting issues.  She helps individuals and does couples coaching and counseling.

Regarding daters, Dr. Sherman’s philosophy is,

‘Who you marry is one of the most important decisions of your life. It affects your daily routine, lifestyle, spirituality, values, children, family, career, schedule, finances, health and more.  Daters sometimes get distracted by the discomfort of dating, using seduction games and trying to figure out how prospective dates look on paper. I teach them how to Date from the Inside Out, by reconnecting with the wisdom of their true selves and attracting a match to that. I teach them to view dating as a journey where they can learn about themselves along the way.’

Regarding marriage, Dr. Sherman says,

‘Divorces hurt people and children. When couples give up on lasting love this can lead to regret, broken families and heartache.  For some, it means failing at the most important thing in their lives. This occurs because partners blame each other and give up too soon. They often don’t know what else to do to fix things and they still wish to be inspired and happy in their marriage. They think they need the other person to change but often they don’t.’ 

I help couples improve their marriage by showing them what works and doesn’t in a lasting partnership.  I teach them 7 steps to be the love that they each wish to create in their relationship, in order to attain a lifetime of lasting love.

As a Certified Life Coach in NYC, Dr. Sherman does in-person coaching with individuals and groups to help clients get to the next level of success in their lives. She also does phone coaching with Zoom or Skype (internationally) to help clients attract a life mate or create great ongoing relationships.

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