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What Happy Clients Are Saying About Me...

What Happy Clients are saying about Dr. Paulette Sherman

Therapy Testimonials

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Hypnotherapy Testimonials

‘Paulette was wonderful. She knew exactly what I needed to start my weight loss journey. I’m excited to continue my hypnosis sessions with her.’ ~Mary V

Coaching Testimonials

Dr. Paulette Sherman is a psychologist who has developed a reputation as an effective relationship coach. For many years, Dr. Sherman wrote weekly advice columns, spoke on dating issues, and drew attention from primarily young daters struggling to find love. While she still works with that core demographic, she also helps her clients navigate through all life stages — from getting married to having and raising children. Aiming to reach those who don’t live in New York City, Dr. Sherman uses her writing as a way to have a wider impact. Not only does she continue to provide advice as a columnist, but she also has written more than 20 books on a variety of topics.  ~Jon McCallister, Coaching Relationships Review

Course Testimonials

Very organized and great information. It’s very comforting the way Paulette is communicating to the viewers. There is a great deal of useful exercises and ideas with concrete steps to take to proceed. This is not a superficial approach to dating and that’s good because I want to learn how to be a more empowered me and that is what Paulette is focusing on from the start. This course has a great deal of information and it’s great to able to view it again and to be able to focus on specific sections that I would want to focus on. Paulette is clearly knowledgeable in this subject that is such an important one. So many people have no clue how to deal with the whole dating scene and it is really good the way Paulette breaks it down step by step.  ~Rachel, Udemy Course review
I highly recommend this course! Dr. Paulette Sherman is providing a powerful path to creating a truly lasting and loving relationship. This class helps you clarify your relationship goals and make progress in achieving them. Thank you for such a helpful program! 🙂
Dr. Paulette Sherman is an expert in helping her clients find greater happiness, fulfillment and success in personal and business relationships. She quickly gets to the heart of the matter with wisdom, intelligence, kindness and compassion.  She is also the author of over 20 books that provide wisdom and practical advice on the many aspects of modern relationships. I highly recommend her and her expertise in the area of consciously improving relationships.  ~Christopher Dilts
It can be hard to keep a positive frame of mind when you’re looking for Mr. or Miss Right. That’s why I’m bringing dating expert and author Dr. Paulette Sherman to the Learning Annex. Join Dr. Sherman as she teaches an inside-out approach to dating that will help you grow as a person and pick the partner who is right for you.  This woman really knows what she is talking about…so what do you have to lose? You’ll thank me when you find The One! ~William Zanker, President of the Learning Annex

Workshop & Group Testimonials

Paulette taught me a lesson about dating and ‘real love’ that I should have learned years ago.  Within a month I landed a wonderful guy.  It really works!  ~ Susan, Workshop Participant

Book Testimonials

The Cancer Path

Everyone wonders how they would confront cancer, should they develop it. Let Paulette Sherman be your guide. This is an inspiring account of her experience of breast cancer demonstrating courage, wisdom, resilience, and insight, told with love, compassion, and understanding.  ~Larry Dossey, MD, Author, HEALING WORDS, REINVENTING MEDICINE, and THE ONE MIND
“The Cancer Path is more than one woman’s journey through cancer; it is the most thorough guide I’ve ever read about navigating the cancer experience. This is the book I wish I’d had to guide me when I went through the cancer experience myself.” ~Randy Peyser, Author of The Little Book of Big Epiphanies and Bald Courage.

The Book of Sacred Baths

Dr. Sherman invites us to understand that a sacred bathing of the body ultimately becomes a sacred bathing of the mind, spirit, and soul, which unearths a mindfulness of self-nourishment that we might then gift as kindness to others as we go about our day. ~Cathie Borrie, Author of  The Long Hello

Facebook Dating from 1st Date to Soulmate

Paulette Sherman is a fabulous psychologist and life coach. Her dating advice is positive, practical and powerful. Her lovely, warm energy shines through in her writing.  ~Tanya Carroll Richardson, Author of ANGEL INTUITION and ZEN TEEN

Dating From The Inside Out

Paulette Sherman is a fabulous psychologist and life coach. Her dating advice is positive, practical and powerful. Her lovely, warm energy shines through in her writing. ~Tanya Carroll Richardson, Author of ANGEL INTUITION and ZEN TEEN
Dating From the Inside Out is a rare combination of sophisticated psychology, humanistic spirituality, and practical instruction for those seeking fulfillment in partnership. The wonderful surprise about Dr. Sherman’s book is that it’s not just for singles! It is equally a welcome refresher course for those looking to reinvigorate their relationships by creating new communication patterns that support loving and healthful interactions.  ~Dr. Faith Bethelard, Coauthor of Cherishment: A Psychology of the Heart, Book Testimonial
I showed the book to my (single) roommate–she got so caught up in it that she didn’t give it back all evening. The book inspired me to take a chance and I went out on a series of dates with someone I might not have otherwise. And because of what I learned through reading it, I didn’t get caught up in focusing solely on “is this the one” and I had a wonderful time, growing in self-confidence in the process. ~Book Testimonial from email
I am in my forty’s and single yet again. Reading this book has helped me really look at myself and analyze why. With Dr. Sherman’s help I was able to see why I was attracting the wrong men. Now I know exactly what I’m looking for and I’m not scared to try again. Her book was easy to understand and spot on with how I’ve been feeling. I recommend this book to anyone that is in the dating world.  It’s a friendly, fun, and truly helpful book for anyone looking for a better approach to dating. Enjoy! ~Rita, Book Testimonial from email
If you are willing to do the sometimes difficult work of introspection, I think this book can help you achieve your dreams and if you don’t meet that special someone, it will at least uplift you and give you clarity around who you are as a person. ~Mona Daniels, Mona Daniels, Book Testimonial from email
This was one of the best dating books I have ever read. Not only was it so easy to read, but there were so many very good suggestions that just made sense to me. I am back out there having fun again. Thanks for such a great read, when is the next one coming?  ~Cindy, Book Testimonial from email
Be a conscious dater…not unconscious. Are you recreating old patterns and parent pattern? Dating baggage? Learn from the past relationships. Dating style? Walls? Be the partner you wish to attract. What makes you a great catch. No negative self talk. Life vision? How satisfied are you with your life? Book recommendations in the back. This book had much detail and had things other dating books didn’t have. Very insightful and good to understand how you are dating. Awesome book! Thanks!  ~Sasha, Book Testimonial from email

When Mars Women Date

This book is a must for successful, career-minded women who struggle to find commitment-oriented men. These highly competent women will learn how to read men better, attract appropriate men and sustain a healthy relationship. “When Mars Women Date” goes beyond the usual dating advice book. Instead, the author infuses her highly usable help with ways to enrich their inner life. The exercises are original, practical and exactly on target for what today’s accomplished women need. Don’t waste another moment of anguish, disappointment or heartache. I strongly endorse this book!  ~Dr. Leslie Beth Wish