Dr. Paulette Sherman

Fees & Location

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General Information:

My psychotherapy services are generally $250 per 50-minute session. The session is done through the web or by phone using Zoom or Skype. I also offer in-person sessions in my Manhattan office in New York City. I do accept most insurance plans as an out-of-network provider so you could be reimbursed by your insurance company for mental health benefits. Only individual therapy for NY State residents may be covered with in network insurance.  When you contact me, we can discuss how to find out about your insurance benefits. I have a billing lady who can send in your out-of-network insurance claims for you for $4 a session if you’d rather not deal with the paperwork yourself.  If insurance does not cover your sessions, you pay out of pocket via credit card.


My Manhattan psychotherapy office is located at 225 West 34th Street, 9th Floor NY, NY. I can give you directions and the suite number when we make an appointment.


Psychotherapy:  $250 per 50-minute online therapy session

Dr. Sherman has been a therapist for 20 years. She has helped clients with issues of depression, anxiety, familial issues, work issues, goal-setting, illness, transitions, and her specialty is relationships. For NY state residents she may take in network insurance, but only for individual therapy.

Couples Therapy & Marital Counseling:  (See detailed fees below.)

Dr. Sherman has long been an expert in relationships. She has Advanced Gottman training and is a Certified Discernment Counselor. She also facilitates pre-marital counseling and marital weekend intensives. She is a trainer and workshop facilitator for, ‘Seven Principals for Making Marriage Work.’

Dr. Sherman offers:

Gottman Couples Therapy80-minute sessions are $285, or one-hour sessions are $250

This couples therapy helps partners disarm conflict, increase intimacy, create greater teamwork and understanding. First, the couple does The Gottman Relationship Checkup Assessment, then a conjoint session, followed by individual interviews and then feedback on their relationship. Then, couples learn tools to address weak areas and to promote conflict management, friendship, shared meaning and admiration.  Gottman therapy is science based and very helpful. It is state of the art couples therapy training. Dr. Sherman completed Levels 1, 2, and 3, training in affairs, addiction recovery and trauma. She completed 1000 hours post graduate experience and over 100 hours of Gottman therapy under the supervision of a Gottman therapist.

Discernment CounselingFirst meeting is 2-hours for $450, subsequent 90-minute sessions are $350, for a maximum total of 5 sessions

Dr. Sherman is a Certified Discernment counselor with specialized training for confused couples who are not sure how to move forward. Discernment counseling is 1-5 sessions for couples considering divorce or separation, to help them offer clarity and confidence around what got you to this point in your relationship and what direction to take. There are three paths:

1-do not pursue divorce or couples therapy
2- pursue divorce or separation
3- Full out six-month effort at couples therapy, putting divorce off the table

If you end up sure that you wish to divorce, we can assist you in making it the best possible divorce, offering a, ‘Family First,’ approach to the ups and downs of the divorce process. If you have children, we can help you do well by them, so hopefully you do not overreact to your spouse or behave badly towards them. If your spouse is not interested in Discernment Counseling then you still have a lot of work you can do on yourself to improve your marriage.

Premarital Counseling:   Each 1 hour-long session is $250

Going into a marriage is a threshold experience and a lifetime commitment. It pays to have state of the art relationship tools to prepare you for this journey. You can learn tools for compromise, addressing conflict, discussing a shared vision and more, often in under 10 sessions.

Weekend Marital IntensivesFees are determined by Couples Therapy, Inc.

Weekend Marital Intensives involve a weekend of couples therapy that is equivalent to 3 months of weekly couples therapy, delivered in a mini-break format. Couples get an Airbnb or hotel. They come see me Friday evening for two hours and Saturday and Sunday 9:30-4:30, with a lunch break. They often identify their top three goals. They get a relationship assessment, and customized tools to address their relationship goals. Marital intensives for Dr. Sherman are booked through Couples Therapy Inc.

Vision Board for Couples$250 to help create a Vision Board, Zoom 90-minute meeting for $300

Dr. Sherman loves vision boards as a springboard to help couples create a road map and inspiring shared vision. She charges $250 to help couples create a vision board on Zoom for $300 in a 90 minute session.

Dating Coaching:  $250 per session

Paulette has long been a dating coach. She is the author of, ‘Dating from the Inside Out,’ published by Atria books and has coached many singles to find love. She wrote a dating advice column in JDate and Eligible Magazine. She helps singles get clear about their past unproductive patterns and baggage and helps them to create what they want instead. This often involves learning what they want in a partner, their deal breakers, their blocks and their action plan. It involves helping them get into a place of high self-esteem where they know their life vision.  Dr. Sherman has also helped many singles get through a breakup, work through fears and past baggage, learn relevant important lessons and learn through contrast what they want next.

Groups Facilitator:   See Fees Below.

Paulette is a certified circle facilitator, as well as a therapist and a certified coach.

Dating Group on Zoom: $40 for one-hour bi-weekly group

Goals group on Zoom:  $40 for one-hour monthly group

Woman’s Support Group:  $40 for one-hour weekly group

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