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Dr. Paulette Kouffman Sherman
Dr. Paulette Kouffman Sherman

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TV Appearances

Dr. Sherman was a guest for an hour on Manhattan cable networks show, ‘Something to Offer’ with host Anne Marie Offer, talking about a number of her relationship books and her relationship coaching practice. It aired March 14 and March 21, 2020.

See an AM Northwest Television Interview on Dr. Sherman’s book, ‘Dating from the Inside Out’ published by Simon & Schuster:

See Dr. Sherman interviewed on Fox 5 by Antwan Lewis about Dating:

Dr. Sherman was interviewed by Kirstin Cole on Channel 11 on her book, ‘The Book of Sacred Baths’ published by Llewellyn and how baths are helpful as a daily ritual:

See a very pregnant Dr. Sherman interviewed on the Early Show about her concept of Dating from the Inside Out and her dating and relationship school:

Radio Clips


I DO PODCAST – Dr. Sherman was a guest and she discussed Mindfully Dating for singles and couples.

218: Mindfully Dating For Singles And Married Couples

Dating can be tricky in today’s ‘swipe right’ online dating world. Approaching your dating life mindfully will help save you heart break and frustration. Whether you are single or married, mindfully dating your partner will bring more relationship success and happiness. Listen to today’s show to learn the tools to date better. In this episode, we discuss relationship advice topics that include: Becoming consciously aware of your relationship needs and triggers Information on the … Continue reading

I DO PODCAST: Dr. Sherman was a guest, talking about how not to lose yourself when in a relationship:

189: Prioritizing YOUR Happiness In A Relationship

It’s all too easy to ‘lose yourself’ in a relationship. Maybe you give up your hobbies and friendships just to please your partner or you just want to stay in their good graces. This is a long term strategy that is destined to fail. Listen to today’s show to learn how to prioritize your personal happiness within a relationship. In this episode we discuss relationship advice topics that include: Spending time with yourself and … Continue reading


Dr. Sherman was a guest speaking about secrets of lasting passion and love: