Dr. Paulette Sherman has a new book on Facebook Dating.  Find out more here!

Paulette’s Book LegacyDr. Sherman loves to write. She has written six relationship books and twenty-one books overall. She is working on a legacy project of 26 books that, ‘inspire people to love more.’ She has won fourteen book awards and her books have been translated into Spanish, French, German, Korean, Czech, Chinese, Italian & Romanian!

She also has two CD’s of relationship meditations and is working on creating three more CD’s.
Dr. Sherman loves the idea of spreading her messages of love and healing globally and books are a great way to do that.

To learn more about her other two relationship eBooks, CD’s and products, check out her Author page.



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Cover TCP 300  My Quick Guide Through Breast Cancer: Diagnosis, Surgery, Chemo & Radiation (The Cancer Path Book 1) TCPworkbook