Dr. Paulette Sherman



A Sensuous, Spiritual Bedtime Story (for adults)

Picture Book Series


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A mishkan:  A dwelling place for the Divine presence.

The indwelling presence of God.

Mishkan is a sensuous, spiritual bedtime story for adults.  It was written as a poem by Paulette to her husband on their sixth wedding anniversary and was illustrated by Rachel Shana Vine.  As parents of two children under four (at the time) Paulette describes the challenge of balancing dark and light in marriage; the physical and spiritual world.  Marriage is full of responsibilities so it’s important to remember the underlying light, love and unity.  Shekhina (the Feminine Divine in Judaism) also means mishkan, the tent that houses the Divine or the indwelling presence of God.  As we source her love we can bring it into our home, our body and our heart, in holy union.  Mishkan is a kabbalistic allegory for marrying the physical and spiritual world and for lifting the veil of conflict and illusion to continually rediscover love in our lives.

Mishkan was written and conceived of by Dr. Paulette Kouffman Sherman and illustrated by Rachel Shana Vine.  See bios below…



Dr. Paulette Kouffman Sherman is a psychologist, the author of nine books, a wife and mother of two.  She loves writing, spirituality, healing work, the beach and inspiring people.  Her website is DrPauletteSherman.com



Rachel Shana Vine is a multi-media fine artist. She has a BFA from Cooper Union and a Masters in Art Education. Rachel is an exhibiting artist and a high school art teacher. She loves the healing arts and is a reiki practitioner. Her website is: www.raseov.com

Here are some pictures from the book: