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100 Ways to Treat Your Mate Like Royalty

100 Ways To Treat Your Mate Like Royalty

Under $10!


100 Ways to Treat Your Mate Like Royalty
100 Ways to Treat Your Mate Like Royalty
BOOK #5 was inspired by Dr. Sherman’s work with singles and couples during this strained economy.  Singles and couples were working more, had less money and energy and were saying that they couldn’t afford romance and dates to strengthen and prioritize their relationship.  Dr. Sherman (aka Dr. Date) loves romance and knew that creating love did not require a dollar value.  Love and romance only requires an open heart, creativity and thoughtfulness. When Dr. Sherman first dated her husband they were both starting out in the mental health field and they went on lots of free and inexpensive dates.  This was a very happy time, so she knew it was possible. This book offers 100 ways to treat your mate/date like royalty under $10 (whether you are dating, in a long-term relationship or married).  It reminds you to nurture your relationship and have fun together no matter what’s happening in your lives.  It’s so important!  Your relationship is the foundation for your family and a place you can return to and refuel. This book is also a great keepsake and photo album.  Under each romantic suggestion there is room for you to paste a snapshot of that day or memory, as a couple.  So for example, you can put a photograph of the two of you having a picnic on the beach and the date.  At the end of a year you will have proof of how very romantic you are! Don’t wait for Valentine’s Day or your anniversary to show your significant other love.  This book will make it easy and cheap to demonstrate affection daily and it will get you in a mind set to discover your own creative romantic ideas going forward.


Here are 7 ways to express your love for your mate under $10:
  1. Do something creative: Write your mate a song or poem or create a sketch of him. Make a mixed tape that you can dance to or create a photo album of the wonderful times you’ve had together.
  2. Have a Romantic Night at Home: Make her dinner, light candles, rent a romantic movie, slow dance, exchange massages and share a bubble bath.
  3. Spend Time in Nature: Bundle up and walk the beach, make a snowman together, go camping and look at the stars (if the weather is right) or ride the ferry together just to be out on the water for a change. Sometimes a change of scene can be very memorable.
  4. Give the gift of future gifts: Create an IOU for a certain number of foot rubs, dinner, house cleaning, romantic serenades etc. This gives your mate something to look forward to and she knows that your love and care will extend into the future.
  5. Create something that nurtures your relationship together: Write out your dreams for your relationship and put it in a wine bottle and throw it out to sea or bury it. You can also create a shared vision collage so you have a picture of what you want to create together in the future.
  6. Do something sentimental: Visit the place you met or take her to the place where you got married. Tell her about all the ways your love has grown since then!
  7. Personalize: Things mean more if you show that you have thought about them. Don’t just give a nice gift; make it something that shows that you know your mate. For example, if she loves pink, let that be the theme of what you buy for $10. You can create an assorted basket from the dollar store with her favorite small items and include a poem from her favorite poet and some other expressions from your heart, like a photo collage.
Remember, it’s not the dollar amount that counts. It is taking the time to show how much you care. For 100 more romantic ideas and dates under $10 buy my new book, ‘100 Ways to Treat Your Mate like Royalty: Under $10.’ You can order it at: Amazon.com Let me know how your dates go and any other great romantic ideas you have under $10.  Enjoy! My Best in Love,  Paulette

100 Ways to Treat your Mate Like Royalty: Under $10

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