Dr. Paulette Sherman

My Date With Cancer

Book #7- My Date With Cancer:

21 Spiritual Lessons

(Volume 3 in a 4-book Cancer Path Series)

My Date With Cancer
My Date With Cancer

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Why did I choose 21 spiritual lessons for this picture book? 21 is an important number.  Some say it is the number of Spiritual Masters, of the harmony of Creation, of renewal, of the responsibility and maturity of the individual, that there are 21 attributes of wisdom and the word Angel was pronounced by Jesus 21 times.  Also, healers say that it takes 21 days to break a habit.

We have a habit of thinking of cancer as a scary death pronouncement that leads to fear, depression and anger.  Sometimes it makes us doubt God and our purpose.  This makes us harder on ourselves, instead of leading us to more Grace and Love.

But Cancer can go another way.  You may not be able to choose whether you have cancer but you can choose your attitude towards it.  This can be a path that connects you more with Spirit and your Higher Self, increases your capacity to love, to have faith and to trust and surrender.  Cancer can be a path of spiritual initiation.

I figured that you may not be in the mood to read a whole lot as you go through your treatment.  So what follows is a picture book with 21 spiritual hints that you can flip through to shift your energy from love to fear, if you practice these lessons.

And remember, once recognizing love and divinity becomes a habit, you will see it in everything.  Even in cancer. This is a huge gift for as long as we are on this planet.

May you bless and heal yourself and others.


Book Details:

 My Date With Cancer: 21 Spiritual Lessons 

Paperback Picture Book: 30 pages
Publisher: Parachute Jump Publishing (March 22, 2013)
Language: English
ISBN – 978-0-9852469-9-0
LCCN  2013900191
Product Dimensions: 8×10 inches