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Book of Sacred Baths


The Book of Sacred Baths


The Book of Sacred Baths

Cultures around the world have long used bathing and bathhouses to connect with Spirit and to promote personal wellness and cultural milestones. The Book of Sacred Baths shows how to use this wonderfully relaxing practice to create transformation in your love life, career, health, and spirit. Discover everything you need to know about the history of sacred baths, the healing medium of water, meditations and prayers, creating intention, essential oils and crystals, visualization, Law of Attraction, and much more.

Discover 52 recipes for sacred baths, one for each week of the year. Each bath recipe is tailored to a specific emotional or spiritual need, and helps you align your thoughts, feelings, and emotions to attract your highest good. Use essential oils, crystals, candles, and color therapy along with visualization and ritual practice to raise your vibration and release negative energy down the drain.

Not everyone can meet the Dalai Lama, take up yoga or Zen meditation but most people can take a 25 minute bath to connect to Spirit and align their thoughts, feelings and actions with what they most want to manifest.

This daily purification prescription shifts readers from fear and negativity into a state of love and feeling joyful about their lives.

This Book of Sacred Baths has 52 baths to improve every area of your life! This includes sacred bath meditations for your love life, work, health and Spirit!

Imagine emerging from your sacred waters not only feeling relaxed and centered but having had a terrific creative idea about how to best manifest your dreams! This happens to me on a daily basis and I wanted to share this process with you.

The benefits to reading this book include:

  • Learn to relax and regularly center yourself
  • Connecting with your intuition and Higher Self
  • Inviting Spirit to be part of your Divine team in manifesting your goals
  • Shifting from a state of fear and negativity into love and peace
  • Getting clear about what you want to create
  • Remove limiting beliefs, fears and obstacles that stand in your way
  • A 25-minute process that will make you feel clear, directed and confident
  • Improve your relationship as a couple
  • Improve your self-care and increase self-love

All you need is to buy a copy of The Book of Sacred Baths and flip through 52 baths to find an area of your life you’d like to improve. There are baths for singles or those in relationships, couples baths, work-related baths, baths to achieve your dreams, baths to improve your health, to connect with your Divine guides and with yourself in deeper ways. The adventure is limitless.

By just adding 25 minutes of uninterrupted ‘me-time’ daily, your life and yourself will blossom. Try it out and email me about the benefits you see in your own life!

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My Best in Love and Bathing,

Praise for 'The Book of Sacred Baths'

“Dr. Sherman invites us to understand that a sacred bathing of the body ultimately becomes a sacred bathing of the mind, spirit, and soul, which unearths a mindfulness of self-nourishment that we might then gift as kindness to others as we go about our day.” ~ Cathie Borrie, Author of The Long Hello

“Sacred bathing brings the ancient tradition of meditation and prayer into the modern day ritual practice of a home bath, so that you can connect to Spirit daily and purify your energy.” ~ Dr. Larry Dossey, Author of Prayer is Good Medicine, One Mind & The Science of Premonitions

“A gifted therapist, Dr. Sherman suggests that precisely because we are in a rush we must make time for ritual. In The Book of Sacred Baths, Paulette invokes cultural and historical perspectives while her guidance is intimate and generous, sharing from her life experiences. ‘A sacred bath is not just a 25-minute period where you say nice things. It bleeds over into real life…’ Immerse yourself in it.” ~ Ana M. Negrón, M.D., Author of Nourishing the Body and Recovering Health 

“I highly recommend this beautiful book of spiritual bathing for inner joy and healing.” ~ Raven Keyes, Author of The Healing Power of Reiki and The Healing Light of Angels

“This book will definitely not be on the bookshelf after I read it. Rather it will live by the bath tub with many ‘dog eared’ pages. When healing is the goal, the prescription is self-love, and the process begins with proper bathing. This book is a clever, economical, and sustainable resource to emotional and physical restoration.  As a gifted therapist and brilliant writer, Paulette offers the ritual of bathing to heal many conditions and nurture the body and soul in simple ways from soothing to practical to spiritual or just simple fun.” ~ Tari Prinster, Founder of Y4C (yoga4cancer) and Author of  Yoga for Cancer: A guide to managing side effects, boosting immunity, and improving recovery for cancer survivors