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The sacred bath is a symphony for your senses-taste, touch, smell and visuals.  There are many ways to enhance your sacred bath experience to further support your intention and match its vibration. I have done extensive research on products that support the different areas and deities for your sacred baths.  They include suggestions on decor, soaps, air mists, incense, essential oils, crystals, herbal teas, oracle decks, candles, music and meditations.  So, enjoy and happy bathing!

Sacred Bath Products

These are the products mentioned in my book.  Click on the item to go to the purchase page.

Persephone’s Return soap by the Three Fates Mystic Shop (link doesn’t work see alternate below)

Essential Oils


  • Red Chalcedony – manifest dreams and goals. Maintain persistence on goals.
  • Howlite– aids in ambitions and achieving them.
  • Fire opal– enhances personal power and is excellent for business and amplifies energy.
  • Golden topaz– assists in recognizing your ambition, instills a drive towards recognition and attracts helpful people.
  • Chiastolite– soul’s purpose.
  • Blue topaz– attunes to angels of truth and wisdom and brings you back to your own truth.
  • Angelite– attunes you to the celestial realm.
  • Seraphinite-makes an angelic connection.
  • Larimar– aids angelic contact, natural playfulness and childlike wonder.
  • Picture jasper– instills harmony and alleviates fear.
  • Rubelite– Archangel Jophiel’s stone is (deep pink tourmaline)
  • Pink Calcite-Forgiveness.
  • Rhyolite -creativity of the soul.
  • Smoky Quartz– antidote to stress.
  • Prehnite– feng-shui for decluttering.
  • Moonstone-new beginnings, intuition.

Herbal Teas


Bathroom Decor

Incense & Sprays


Meditation Help & Ideas