Dr. Paulette Sherman

Couples Bath


Couples Bath


Couple bathing new So, creating these sacred baths for couples as an author is definitely a departure for me. I noticed that often couples drift apart in their daily lives. They develop increased resentment, separate lives, have tons of joint responsibility and waning passion, alone time and fun. Often couples blame this on lack of finances, sleep and resources. It appears hard for them to get a babysitter and to organize a weekly date night but every couple can take a 30 minute bath together! It’s free, relaxing and requires very little.

I also think it’s a helpful ritual to use to dissipate tension and resentment and to further higher communication and teamwork. Sometimes when couples fight, there words become destructive, until they can calm down. These sacred couples baths are a safe way for couples to bond, re-center and return to a vibration of love before attempting to solve their challenges.

These baths increase intimacy, communication, can give your relationship a joint vision and higher context and decrease past resentment. They can also be a time to return to appreciating your partner and relationship. Are you in? In my book, The Book of Sacred Baths there are several bath recipes and meditations for a variety of couples issues, or, once you have mastered this process, you can make your own.


My Best in Love and Bathing,