Dr. Paulette Sherman

Dating Advice From “Hi to “I Do”

Dating Advice from “Hi” to “I Do”

Dating Advice from Hi to I Do
Dating Advice from Hi to I Do

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Dating can be very confusing, especially if you’re new to it.  As a psychologist and dating coach, a dating expert and an author who has written six dating and relationship books, I feel like I’ve been asked every conceivable dating question.

What follows is much of my dating advice.

I’ve divided this dating compendium into 8 major sections:  Your Dating Context, First Date Anxiety, Important Dating Considerations, How to Get a Date, Advice for Your Actual Dates, A Few Readers Questions, Advice for Longer-Term Relationships and Dating Advice for the Successful Career Woman.

This is not a traditional how-to book that guides you in a step-by step process from meeting someone to how to get married.  Rather, it addresses a variety of dating issues that confuse singles and by addressing these issues it helps singles navigate the dating process from an initial meeting with someone to longer relationship concerns.

Some Dating topics include:

  • Your dating attitude
  • How to deal with Break-ups
  • Reuniting with an ex
  • Where to meet someone new
  • Making a dating action plan
  • Dealing with rejection
  • Volume dating
  • Where to date over 40
  • Common dating mistakes
  • How to deal with dating anxiety
  • How to have uncomfortable dating conversations
  • Long-distance dating

And so much more! Enjoy.