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To Be Noble

To Be Noble

To Be Noble
To Be Noble

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Award Winner!

To Be Noble’ won an Honorable Mention award in the Children’s Books category of the 2014

Noble is a 5-year old boy who wants to find out about his name.  At night, his guardian angel Lucy takes him on an astral journey to consult the ascended Masters and sages about what it means to be noble.

This is a fun, informative, value-driven book that helps children to recognize their ability to do the right thing, be their own person, have compassion for others, and to follow their heart.

The author of this book wrote it her son Noble and his dad illustrated it.  Their hope is that all children will enjoy this book but it may also be an extra special gift for the other 24,976 Nobles out there (this number is increasing by 206 Noble’s each year)!

About the Author

Dr. Paulette Kouffman Sherman is a wife, mother of two, psychologist, coach, author, speaker and teacher.  She loves the beach, singing, writing, spirituality and learning. She has written 20 books including children’s books, fiction and nonfiction books for adults.


About the Illustrator

Ian Christian Sherman is Noble and Sera’s father and Paulette’s husband.  He’s a licensed social worker, a lover of music, a guitarist, song writer and poet.  It was recently discovered that he was also a closet artist, when he started to advise Paulette about creating this book for their son.  He did a great job with the pictures, as well as helping to develop the story.

About the Subject:

Noble Caden Sherman is a terrific son and brother.  His nicknames are Nobes, Nobey Wan, Nobey, Nobey Wan Canobey and Nobaliscious.  He loves to draw, listen to music, dance, write, read, go exciting places for kids, play on his father’s iPad, tell jokes and torment his little sister (well, no one’s perfect!)