Welcome.  I am a psychologist that helps clients move through life challenges to gain new tools, skills, insights and a better context so that they achieve renewed direction, strength, purpose and hope.

I have over 17 years experience as a psychotherapist and I've been honored to help clients with a variety of issues.  I've helped clients assimilate a surprising diagnosis--a diagnosis of Bipolar disorder or cancer for example.  They've learned how to love themselves through the fears and symptoms and to develop new ways to cope and live productive  lives. 

In couples therapy I've helped couples recognize that the things that they first loved about each other were now the differences that they wanted to change.  We've worked together to help them develop better communication, compromise, teamwork and mutual appreciation.

I've had overweight clients who lost the weight and others who've learned to love themselves, date and get past internal obstacles about not embodying their ideal body image.  And, clients who were depressed and anxious who learned to understand why they felt that way and how to move beyond it.

Some clients were perfectionists or individuals with low self esteem who needed to learn how to re-parent themselves, practice kinder self-talk and better self-care.

Single clients sometimes come to therapy with social anxiety or poor self-esteem or they may need help moving past old relationship baggage so that they can be more open to love and intimacy again.

There are many issues that I've helped clients transcend and it has been my pleasure to see them gain insight and greater peace, wholeness and joy.

My specialty is in helping clients with relationship issues but what follows is a partial list of issues I've treated:

  • Anxiety/Stress Management
  • Dating/Relationship Issues/Marital Issues
  • Couples Therapy & Pre-Engagement Counseling
  • Depression
  • Family Issues
  • Grief/Loss
  • Illness/Cancer
  • Self-Esteem
  • Career Issues
  • Creative Goals
  • Accepting Change/Life Transitions
  • Social Anxiety
  • Perfectionism
  • Life Purpose
  • Time Management/Procrastination/Disorganization
  • Decision-Making
  • Fear of Commitment Issues
  • Work-Life Balance

As a therapist I employ Cognitive-Behavioral techniques and I am also informed by a psychoanalytic framework.  My Life Coaching Certification helps me to create goals with my clients to shape their next level of success.  Together, we co-create goals based upon concrete action steps that they integrate into their daily lives. 

To set up an appointment, please email me at kpaulet@verizon.net or call 718-593-7717.