Dr. Paulette Sherman

Setbacks in Cancer Treatment

In life there are always setbacks, especially when it comes to cancer treatment:) First of all, no one can tell you how you will feel day to day or whether the cancer will return.

Also, there are lots of unexpected things like a doctor being out, insurance problems that make you switch hospitals mid-stream, a port not working so you might not get chemotherapy after being in the hospital all day… These things feel annoying when you’re tired and emotional but unfortunately they are part of the bumpy cancer path, and probably life in general.

The best I can tell you is to try a few tips that sometimes help me:

-Advocate for yourself: if your dr. is out, ask to see another one if you won’t be back for 2 weeks. If your port doesn’t work and you’ve been medicated and in the hospital all day, request a nurse to stay a bit later to finish with you (if you are working all week and cant return). If your insurance suddenly isn’t covered, get an advocate, write a letter to the hospital and ask for a reasonable transition time to switch in the middle of your treatment. Some things will be out of your control but others are workable when people care a bit more and are asked to pay attention.

-Distract Yourself With Better Things: Bring along tapes from authors you love, great music, food or games–anything to raise your vibration and keep your thoughts and mood positive.

-Bring Support: Often hospitals require you to bring someone when you are doing chemotherapy anyway but having a spouse, parent or friend is great because you can process what’s happening with them and gain moral support.

Here’s a video taken after a full day of chemo where my port wasn’t working again. This has happened twice so far! Hang in there, you’re not alone on this path and I’m sending you love!