Dr. Paulette Sherman

5 Ways to Deal with Rejection in Dating

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]5 Ways to Deal with Rejection in Dating

Rejection is a normal part of the dating process.  Although it can feel disheartening, we must develop a healthy relationship with it in order to keep moving forward in the dating process.  Below are 5 tips to help you do so.

  1. Don’t reject yourself in the process- Just because someone that you dated decided not to continue dating you, doesn’t mean that you aren’t great! Take some time to remember the things that make you a great catch and continue to believe that the right person will recognize this.

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  1. No is just a word like yes- In life you will often here no a lot when moving towards a challenging goal, whether it’s a job interview, trying for a part as an actress or for a book publisher as a writer.  Consistency and persistence are key.  So learn to accept the no and keep moving forward because it only takes one yes!
  1. Remember that Dating is a Numbers game- Oftentimes you will date a lot of ‘not just right’ people before you meet the love of your life. If you know that dating is a numbers game then getting a certain amount of rejection will be expectable. Someone can be a great and attractive person but since you need to match on many important levels for a lifetime relationship, you may say no to them (or vice-versa) because they are not that perfect match for a lifetime partner. 
  1. Don’t let rejection stop you from dating- Often when singles get rejected a few times they take themselves off the playing field and stop dating. They tell themselves that the opposite sex doesn’t like them or that dating just isn’t for them.  This doesn’t work because they could meet that right person tomorrow.  So, don’t let discouragement stop you from taking action to date.
  2. Don’t over-reject others- On the other hand, some daters tend to over-reject dates without even meeting them or giving them a chance! If there is no attraction or there are red flags then you do not need to meet.  But if your date is attractive and seems kind then it is good to give them one or two dates to see if you like them better than you thought you would.  Most people aren’t too busy to spend an hour getting to know someone for a conversation.  So, consider being more open-minded.

I hope this was helpful.  While rejection is not fun, it can be the universe’s way of testing your resolve and it can teach us how to become even more steadfast in our goals and it allows us to also practice loving ourselves and believing in our dreams until that significant other can join us in doing so. 

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