Dr. Paulette Sherman

7 Tech Inventions & Resources to Improve Your Marriage

7 Tech Inventions & Resources to Improve Your MarriageMarriage is hard enough.  Having children takes a village but being married means stocking up on tools and resources that prevent the same old problems from rearing their heads.  Try these to get you back on track:

  1. PET PEEVES: Bad Bathroom Habits? Gadget to close the lid and even a toilet that wipes the lid!
  2. SNORING: Snoring Issues? A pillow that wakes the snorer so you don’t have to:
  3. INTIMACY: Getting to Know You, Even More- an app called Love Maps invented by couple John & Julie Gottman.
  4. FARTING: Stop Fart Smells Round the House, Particularly in Bed-
  5. SEX LIFE: Get adventurous in bed and make time to have sex and connect. Try these cards to inspire you: 5 Tech Inventions that Can Improve Your Marriage.
  6. FINANCES: Get organized with your budget do you’re on the same page and working together:
  7. A SHARED LIFE VISION:  You want to be inspired to create a shared vision and create goals together.  This book will help you do this so you end up with a fun collage representing your future.