Dr. Paulette Sherman

7 Ways to Show a Prospect that You Like Them

Sometimes it’s hard to be a woman when dating.  Some women say they feel like they have to wait around for a guy to ask them out.  Below are 7 ways to let a guy know that you’re attracted to him and to hopefully move things along:

  1. Smile– A smile is a green light that the person is welcome to approach you. I remember once eating brunch with a girlfriend.  There was a guy across the room that she thought was cute.  She gave him a big bright smile that showed she liked him.  And, didn’t he just walk straight over to her to say hello, while we were in the middle of eating together!  You can do the same.
  2. Make Eye Contact– When you are willing to meet and hold the gaze of someone for a bit you are showing interest, openness and a willingness to be known. This takes some of the pressure off them to approach you and to risk rejection.
  3. Strike Up a Conversation-Be friendly and start the ball rolling. If you’re in a bookstore, ask about the book they are flipping through.  Find something easy to discuss so hopefully once you are talking, they can get your number or find a time that you two can continue getting to know one another.
  4. Flirt– Flirting usually implies a light, fun banter. Sometimes people are sarcastic with one another or can be coy.  This slight competitive vibe can be playful, like foreplay.
  5. Compliment Him– Everyone loves to be appreciated. Compliment them on something they are good at, or the color of their eyes, or a great smile.
  6. Ask Them Out– Why wait around in the hopes that he will ask you out? Why not just ask him for coffee or drinks instead.  Life is too short!  Some dating experts say that it’s unattractive or desperate for a woman to ask out a man but studies show that 51% of female-initiated dates led to a relationship that lasted more than 6 months!  So, why not try it?
  7. Bring Them Something: If you bake cookies, bring them some.  You can also bring them a rose—anything so they get the hint.

The idea is to meet people half-way, to be authentic and friendly so that they know that you are receptive to getting to know them further and that you’re interested.  In this day and age women can be confident, assertive and take their love destiny into their own hands too, so Carpe Diem my friends!