Dr. Paulette Sherman

Build Your Foundation First

Recently I got some scary test results regarding my mammogram. I know that I need to eat an anti-cancer diet, sleep more, drink lots of water, reduce stress, exercise daily and do more practical things… but I only want to focus on the things I love most and on my life mission.

I ask Archangel Sandalphon to put roots into the earth and Serapis Bay to help me form good foundational habits. Plus, I ask Archangel Michael to protect me from outside distractions and temptations. I ask to have strength and tolerance when we sit at the table and my husband serves pancakes and syrup and dessert to the kids and I can’t eat it.

Tonight I’ll do my taxes and billing and renew my driver’s license and passport (all due in a month) and make a health plan. I know I need a good solid foundation for success. I’ll do these things first so they won’t become a larger pain and distract me from the bigger things later. In this context, they aren’t a waste of my time. All flowers need good soil in which to grow.

This message may be for you too. You know who you are.