Dr. Paulette Sherman

A Shekhina Bath About Relationships

I called the Shekhina in. She said that we needed to be a vessel on Earth for her divine energy. We can choose to see divine light in everything and to lift the veil between Heaven and Earth.

I was going away to the Poconos that morning with my husband for our 8th anniversary so I asked her if she had any messages about relationships today. She said that often in relationships we are seeing the world and our life through our eyes and we want to be right.

She suggested we play a game to bring out the energy of love and compassion, ‘Merge with your Partner’s Energy.’ Stop for a moment if the two of you disagree and take a moment to play this. Practice seeing the world through his eyes, walk in his shoes and feel through the energy of his heart.   Be a vessel of love for him. Then you’ll have compassion. Later you can revisit your point of view and express it but do not skip this step!

We often think that if they could just understand us or if we could express ourselves clearly than they’d come around to our position and we’d be closer! There’s another way that’s under your control. You can get closer to them by merging with their energy and really understanding them.

Also, give your partner second chances. You are unconditional with your kids mistakes and stay present through them so that they can grow. Practice this type of love with your significant other too.

Shekhina blesses you and your relationships. Now go.