Dr. Paulette Sherman

Embody Divine Love

It was a chaotic morning. I wanted to wake up in a good way, with positive energy. I went to walk on the treadmill while listening to my spiritual meditation. My goal was to do 30 minutes, burn 120 calories and to program in positive energy for the day. But the phone kept ringing and ringing! It was my husband. He was off today and brought our used car to the shop. He meant to get the muffler fixed for $100. We’d already fixed other things last week to the tune of $600. Now he was calling to say that it would be $300 more for the connector and fuel pump. Plus, I kept disconnecting him because I had no reception. I’d start re-listening to my meditation while walking and he called 8 times! I left what I was doing to try and get reception to call him and he didn’t pick up. Then my dad called about seeing the kids tomorrow. I was trying to relax, exercise, take my sacred bath and leave on time for my hour commute to the office! Finally, I finished walking, solved the car situation with my husband and climbed into my sacred bath.

I did my prayer and welcomed in Divine Mother. I prayed for peace and asked that all worries go down the drain, allowing my Higher Self and Shekhina to fill me with Divine Love and peace. I remember once a Reiki Master telling me that you need to be a clear vessel for Divine Love to flow you when doing Reiki. The same’s true as a therapist. You want to leave all distractions at the door and to be fully present for your clients. I breathed in peace and heard, ‘All is well.’ Even in the face of a 90 minute commute and 6 clients I wanted to be on time for, I climbed out centered and I could feel how my vibration was higher and I felt light and clear.

Why do I relay this rather scattered, ordinary story? Probably because many of you can relate to it. That 26 minutes bathing was well spent. It allowed me to start my day as a vessel of love for myself and others and hopefully this practice of sacred bathing will do the same for you!

My Best in Love,