Dr. Paulette Sherman

The Purifying Bath

Ask and You Shall Receive, Knock and the Door Will Open!

I was in the bath fretting about some bad tests I got at the hospital yesterday and was counting my worries about this upcoming book. (Just what you’re not supposed to do in the bath and according to the Law of Attraction!) I was thinking about how I didn’t have a budget to afford a PR person and how I wanted to get this book out there! With two kids, work and medical stuff I didn’t know where to focus first or how to succeed alone. This mode of thinking was making me spin and feel like a victim of circumstances rather than a powerful creator. I was also in my ego, thinking all about me instead of why I wrote this healing book, to help others transform their lives! I needed to think out of the box and ask for help, so I asked my angels what to do and to help me shift my energy from fear to love and manifestation.

I heard, ‘Ask and you will be give. Knock and the door will open.’ I decided to put what I wanted out there in very concrete terms and to let people help me spread the word to accomplish this goal. I knew in my heart that it would be, ‘our book.’

So, here are 10 Things You Can Do to Help Me. Do one, do 10 but please do something!

  1. Authors Need an Email List- I mostly have therapy clients so I haven’t built a big one. Send your friends (and yourself) to sign up for my enewsletter at my website www.drpaulettesherman.com
  2. Preorder my book or buy it for you and a friend! Visit Amazon
  3. Come to my Book Launch Party and Book Signings!
  4. If you know reporters, tell them about my book and ask them to interview me. If you know relevant websites, magazines or publications, please let me know.
  5. If you know bath stores or spas that would want me to write articles for their website or speak and sign books for free, let me know!
  6. If you see my posts on Social media please share these with your friends and spread the word that way!
  7. Write a book review on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.
  8. Email your friends about my book with the link to Amazon.
  9. Know anyone in TV or radio? Help me become a guest.
  10. Pray! (Like I did). I definitely believe this helps

I appreciate all you do ahead of time. Hopefully besides helping me, this post will inspire you to ask for help too. In couples therapy I suggest partners tell their spouse what they want instead of expecting them to just know. Most of the time it’s a win/win: one person feels good for helping and the other for being heard and receiving, as they become a team.

My Best in Love,