Dr. Paulette Sherman

10 Dating Tips for 2019!

This year you can choose to be the captain of your own love boat. Embrace these 10 dating tips (or create your own) to taking action and fill your life with love!

  1. BE OPEN– Often we decide something is not right for us before we even give it a try! For example, many of my clients say, ‘Online dating is for losers.’ They have never tried it nor do they know the variety of sites or people out there in cyberspace. If you do this sort of nay-saying, take a step back and try something new to find love. You never know what will come of it…
  2. LOVE YOURSELF– Often singles wait around for the perfect partner to come save them. Meanwhile they won’t travel, buy a house or take a vacation. When you are happy and fulfilled, you are much more attractive. Start loving yourself the way you want to be loved. Write down some things you’d love to do this year and make them happen for yourself. You’ll be a radiant and more interesting date.
  3. LEARN TO DEAL WITH NO– No is just a word like yes. Often when we are rejected we reject ourselves. We tell ourselves that no one will want to date us and give up. Being rejected is a normal part of dating, so when this happens, don’t reject yourself. Learn to say something positive to yourself. Say something like, ‘I am wonderful and the right guy will stick around,’ then move on and keep dating.
  4. BE CLEAR & REASONABLE ABOUT WHAT YOU WANT– It helps to be clear when you are looking for the right mate. Take some time and make a list of the qualities that are most important to you. Also know what you won’t accept. Make sure your list is reasonable because no one is perfect. With your eye on what you most want you will hone in on more appropriate matches.
  5. TAKE CONSISTENT ACTION– In order to manifest goals, we need to take action. Pick two things a week that you will do to meet new people and hold yourself accountable. To get the best results, you need to be willing to put in the effort.
  6. ENLIST HELP– Everyone does better with a cheerleader or team behind them. If dating is hard for you, enlist support. Gather your single friends to go out with you to events. Ask the people who love you to fix you up. If you want confidential support, consider hiring a professional dating coach to keep you in action this year.
  7. LOOK BEYOND ‘YOUR TYPE’– Often we pick the same partners again and again, even if the package looks different. It’s now time to try something new. Sometimes it’s the man an inch shorter than your height restriction that sweeps you off your feet and proposes, making you happier than you ever dreamed possible. Get out of your own way and give someone new a chance. You may be very glad you did.
  8. LEARN WHAT ‘STOPS YOU” IN DATING & MOVE PAST IT– You need right insight to take right action. Sometimes it is your dating psychology that stops you from attracting love, even if you are going through the motions. So carefully examine your past dating patterns, limiting beliefs, actions or defensive dating styles. To learn more about this, get my book ‘Dating from The Inside Out’ and read the first section, ‘Unconscious Dating’ and do the accompanying exercises. It will help you understand yourself better so you can attract the best mate for you.
  9. STAY POSITIVE– Just because you haven’t met the partner of your dreams yet, doesn’t mean you should give up on love. Commit to having a terrific year and meeting all kinds of new prospects. Begin your dating year with a powerful context like, ‘This year will be the most fun and most romantic year yet!’
  10. LEARN FROM EVERYONE YOU MEET– Just because each date won’t turn out to be your husband, does not mean that it was a waste of time. Choose to appreciate something and learn something from every date. It will leave your dates feeling great and you will find dating to be a more positive and valuable experience than ever before.

My Best in Love,